Why I hate a lot of "social justice" posts on tumblr

  • -claims to want equality, yet preaches hate towards majorities
  • -ignorantly groups the whole world into two categories; Caucasian and not-Caucasian, regardless of ethnicity, culture, nationality, religion, language, etc.
  • -ignorantly compares every single person’s cultural situation, to the USA’s cultural situation
  • -ignorantly thinks that every “white person” in the world, is their country’s majority and person in power
  • -ignorantly thinks that every “not-white person” in the world, is supressed and is being victimised by their government
  • -ignorantly thinks that racism is only based on skin-colour
  • -ignorantly thinks that “black people” were/are the only supressed peoples in the world
  • -ignorantly throws around stupid words like “reverse-racism”. (It’s just “racism”, and anyone can be subject to it.)
  • -confuses “racism” with “disrespect”. One is discrimination, the other is a lack of respect. Not everything regarding a culture is racism.
  • -unjustifiably labels a mass of people, around the world, “privileged”. Again, without knowing individual’s financial/governmental/chance-of-opportunity/etc. situation, surrounding the topic (I know what I'm privileged, and not privileged in, in the world that I live in (which is different than the world that you live in), but i know that you don't fucking know what my privileges are unless i personally tell you a bunch of information about myself. so please stop fucking guessing)
  • -overall, just makes fucking stupid blanked statements that are highly inaccurate and disrespectful towards many people around the world (even if it is accurate to a small part of the world, it's still not correct of all of it)
  • -turns me away from the post, instead of encouraging me to join in on the fight for a particular social injustice. Because the post is an injustice, in of itself
  • -is just so fucking ignorant and narrow minded; thinking the whole world is the same everywhere
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